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Craven & Stoutzker - Strategic, practical and sustainable fundraising
Andrew Craven & Melanie Stoutzker





The fundraising services provided by Craven&Stoutzker to charities, cultural and heritage organisations are underpinned by a commitment to developing:

  • Long term relationships with supporters
  • Systems and processes to maximise fundraising potential
  • Fundraising programmes in line with the aims and values of client organisations

Fundraising integral to business planning -
Raising more money by ensuring that clients place fundraising at the centre of their business planning.

Fundraising audits - Craven&Stoutzker use their expertise to review and assess each client’s fundraising activity, helping them to introduce sustainable and effective fundraising.

Feasibility studies - Launching capital campaigns or accessing new sources of support require an investment of time, finance and expertise.   To minimize risks and maximize the long term return, Craven&Stoutzker evaluate both internal and external factors that may affect success, and use this to plan any new fundraising activity.

In-house Support
Interim management –
Craven&Stoutzker provide hands on support for those clients in need of additional senior fundraising skills during a period of review or expansion. 

Hands-on implementation – Craven&Stoutzker differ from most other consultants by working with clients to implement the initial stages of an agreed fundraising strategy. 

Recruitment and mentoring – Having the right resources in place is a critical success factor and Craven&Stoutzker have worked with many clients on their recruitment process from drafting job descriptions to on-going mentoring.   


After consulting with staff and Trustees of HRP, Andrew undertook a thorough and detailed review of our development activities and produced a comprehensive plan for the way forward.  After an initial period in which he helped implement the plan we moved towards the recruitment of a new Development team which continues to implement many of Andrew’s original ideas.

Danny Homan
Head of Development and Marketing
Historic Royal Palaces

Services for Individuals

Charitable Giving Service to Individuals

In addition to helping not for profit organisations raise more money, Craven&Stoutzker enjoy working with individuals seeking to establish a personal giving strategy.  While this is a new service, Craven&Stoutzker are able to match their expertise and knowledge of the voluntary sector with the needs and motivations of donors. Identifying the merits of recipient organisations and specific projects and assessing the most effective means of giving is a rewarding and beneficial experience for all concerned.